Saloon Brawl 2

So, you think you've got what it takes to survive an epic brawl in that crazy-and-wild Wild Wild West that's always so sandy and tumbleweed-laden when it's portrayed on TV? Don't be silly - hardly anyone has ever envisaged being apt at surviving such a scenario, unless they have too much time on their hands that is. Luckily, there's quite a few people that have many an hour to wile away on these such things, hence the existence of Saloon Brawl 2. You've likely experience beat-em-up games of a similar vein before, but this one's got a moderately epic feel to it because, well, the gameplay focuses on bringing law and order to a brawling Wild-West town by fighting fire with fire, or more accurately, fist with fist.

screenshot of saloon brawl 2

The premise of Saloon Brawl 2 is rather simple: fighting, fighting, and a load more fighting. It's a pretty standard roaming beat-em-up (as opposed to games like Mortal Kombat that are fixed-position Vs affairs) really since the aim is to bring rest to a town that's decidedly restless, brawling all the livelong day and not even saying sorry for making a mess of the place they call home. You've been sent in as the Sherriff of this dangerous town, who looks suspiciously like Woody from Toy Story with the face of a gurning Buzz Lightyear from the very same film. Your job is to wander around in the 3D town where all this brawling is going on and put a stop to the madness.

The mechanics are pretty standard for a game like this, as are the controls, You move around using the directional arrows so that you can get from A to B, with B usually being some kind of group of redneck delinquents having a punch-up in the corner. You'll be issuing swift punches with the help of the X key, picking up items or even people and throwing them across the room with the C key (followed by the Z,X, or C key to actually do the throwing), and blocking attacks with the Z key. It's so simple that you'll even have room to remember that the Spacebar allows you to perform a special attack when you fill up your attack bar is full. Pretty standard beat-em-up stuff, wouldn't you say?

Simple as it may be, Saloon Brawl 2 isn't a one-sided fight by any means and shouldn't be included in the more arbitrary whack games - It may start off fairly gently, giving you a few groups of incessantly-brawling people to punch the lights out of, but as you play more and more levels you'll notice the difficulty increase due to the number of fights you have to put to rest with your bare hands, as well as the toughness of the enemies that you face increasing over the course of the game. There's the standard, expendable grunt that's common to all levels as well as ones dressed in purple that are a bit tougher. Many will also pick up objects and thrown them at you as well.

There are even bosses you'll face that are much more difficult than your standard enemies, feeling much like the sort of big boss of the level. The second level is based outside a jail for example, and you have to put down the escaped inmates that are brawling uncontrollably, after which you then have to take down the giant boss who has a giant ball and chain that he uses a weapon. It's not like playing Street Fighter or anything, but it's still a pretty exciting experience and fairly comprehensive for what is essentially just a basic Unity-based fighting game.

It turns out that Saloon Brawl 2 is much more fun than many Unity games end up being when you really get into their gameplay. Fighting enemies is a simple premise but developers Miniclip have paid some attention to the details here, making the characters behave quite realistically and the physical manifestation of the fighting moves appear quite realistic and feel very responsive. Though the game has a shelf life limited to the length of time it takes you to either complete it or get bored of the fighting, it's a game that's definitely worth playing, if just to see Woody from Toy Story smashing the hell out of bad, bad people. One could see this game as a sort of entree before tucking into more meatier beat-em-up titles like king of fighters wing, which is a compliment to Saloon Brawl 2 and not to its detriment.

Bebop Rating: 7.5/10